The support you give

Your distance support with CCS becomes day by day concrete improvements in the living conditions of the sponsored child, school mates, family and community.

This happens in 6 important fields which are the strategic objectives of our organization:

  • Early childhood education

    CCS actively contributes to the wellbeing of the childhood, with particular attention to the pre-school education: thanks to your support, we facilitate the access of sponsored children – also those living in remote areas – to quality pre-schoos. When this is not possible, (some country do not have early chilhood education, or it is not suffuciently organized) we are committed to promote the inclusion of the pre-primary education in the local school system.

  • Primary education

    CCS stimulates, facilitates and monitors the enrolment and the school attendance in the primary cycle of all sponsored girls and boys in the areas where it works. Thanks to your support, we guarantee to the supported children and their schools all the school and learning material which is needed. We build new structures where there is need and in the most remote regions we provide incentives to the teachers, so that they regularly attend classes.

  • Quality of Education

    CCS aims at achieving qualitative results in the improvement of learning and social capacities of the sponsored girls and boys. Thanks to your support, we stimulate pupils, families and communities to participate to the School Councils and students Clubs in order to participate in the decisions which influence their lives. We collaborate with the local authorities in mapping schools and their needs, organize teachers’ training and monitor the quality of education.

  • Gender

    CCS offers to girls and boys equal opportunities to fully develop their potentials, both from the practical and symbolic point of view. Thanks to your support, we are committed in improving the conditions of young girls and girls, guaranteeing their access to school and to specific training to empower them about their rights.

  • Protection

    CCS supports and promotes the most effective and sustainable interventions aimed at provide care and support to vulnerable girls and boys who are in a risk situation. Thanks to your support, we help orphan and helpless children, sometimes deprived of the most fundamental rights only because they belong to an ethnic group marginalised from the rest of the society. A typical example is our intervention aimed at guaranteeing birth registration and an identification card to the sponsored girls and boys.

  • Health

    CCS contributes to ensure a healthy grow and harmonious development to girls and boys in its intervention areas, especially at school. Thanks to your help, we organise periodical medical examination in the schools and communities where we are present with our projects; we train teachers and parents on first aid techniques and on basic personal hygiene rules as well as on the prevention of the most frequent diseases; we organise, when possible, a daily provision of meals at school.